Indonesia-based secondhand car and motorbike marketplace Moladin has launched a dealer app to help customers during the sales process and allow them to transact quickly and easily.

The Moladin Dealer App is intended to let sellers increase their productivity through increased empowerment (enabling dealers to independently manage loans and transactions), efficiency (streamlining processes for quick and easy loan origination and management) and transparency (providing real-time tracking and detailed loan information).

The company recently reported a loss of $7.5 million on revenue of $109 million during the 15 months between October 2020 and December 2021. Last February it laid off 360 employees, mostly from its product and engineering teams.

At the beginning of the year, however, Moladin raised $8.0 million U.S. in funding from Singapore-based Ascend Capital and more than $95 million U.S. in a mid-year series B funding round.

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