Users of Mercari will be able to pay for their purchases on its marketplace using Bitcoin starting later this year, according to Keita Nakamura, CEO of MerCoin, the company’s fintech subsidiary, who was speaking to OurBitcoinNews.

Keita Nakamura

The new service is an extension of cryptocurrency trading, which Japan-based Mercari introduced in March last year.

The user response to the latter was encouraging, with half of the one million users of MerCoin shopping on Mercari after selling their bitcoins, according to Nakamura. As a result, “we determined that there was a need for this service,” he added.

“Now that so many people own bitcoin, I want them to actually use it. I think that by using it, people can deepen their understanding of bitcoin,” Nakamura told the website.

Mercari was founded in 2013 and launched in the U.S. the following year. However, Japan remains its core market.

MerCoin was licensed as a crypto exchange in June 2022 and is also a credit card provider. It accounted for a quarter Mercari’s total revenue during the three months to September.

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