Serbia-based horizontal marketplace KupujemProdajem has added new features to verify the authenticity and assess the professionalism of sellers.

An advertiser is labeled ‘verified’ if they fulfill certain conditions, including being registered on the site for at least six months and not having violated its terms of use for at least 12 months.

Moreover, buyers can now see in an ad how quickly the seller responds to messages on average and the number of times they have responded to queries from buyers.

More than three million users have registered on KupujemProdajem over the past 16 years, while more than 17,000 SMEs are currently using it. The marketplace horizontal currently has 5.7 million listings.

Owned by the Netherlands-based Quable BV, saw 13.1 million visits in November, putting it well ahead of rivals (3.7 million visits) and (1.5 million), according to SimilarWeb data.

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