More than ten million transactions were conducted on marketplace horizontal OLX Ukraine last year, according to OLX chief product officer Serdar Akin.

Speaking to ChannelX, Akin said the demand in Ukraine was “going up, I think, faster than the economic recovery … there is definitely vibrancy there.”

“Our transactional capability is some of the most advanced in Ukraine, [which] will remain a top market for us.”

Akin said e-commerce was a big trend in the country, adding that “I do believe it will help the country recover as well.”

Owned by Prosus, OLX has been around since 2006, operating in South Africa — under the AutoTrader and Property24 brands — and eight European markets, facilitating both c-to-c and b-to-c transactions across multiple categories.

Prosus saw 32% year-on-year growth in revenue to $342 million U.S. during the six months to September), according to its latest financial reporting.

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