Global job board Indeed has announced it has selected TPGi’s accessibility management platform ARC to provide all jobseekers with a compliant and usable experience when searching for jobs, regardless of ability.

Indeed said the collaboration is to ensure that employment technology is accessible to all users, including the almost one in six people who have a disability linked to hearing, vision, mobility, speech, cognition, or nervous system functions.

TPGi, owned by Vispero, provides digital accessibility software. Its ARC platform helps organizations build sustainable accessibility programs that align with business teams to achieve usability goals. Organizations are able to manage accessibility programs from one centralised source that monitors all personnel, data and progress and provides access to on-demand training.

“Indeed is setting a vital example of the necessary dedication to inclusive hiring practices and web accessibility,” said TPGi’s chief growth officer Don Soucy

“When companies commit to making employment accessible, it opens the door to the most skilled and talented workforce possible.”

By linking with Indeed, whose job boards have over 350 million unique users each month, more disabled users will be able to search for jobs, post resumes and research employers, operating on a level playing field.

“At Indeed, we know that talent is universal, but opportunity is not,” said Indeed engineering director Kristen Starr.

“It is our responsibility to ensure our products are accessible to all and remove any potential barriers to people with disabilities. Technical improvements are a crucial starting point in ensuring greater access to opportunity.”

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