LAS VEGAS — Automotive dealerships, like many companies, are suffering from staffing shortages. Dealers struggle to find workers — whether they’re sales reps or skilled or unskilled service technicians.

“We are short people,” said Adam Robinson, co-founder and CEO of Hireology, an ATS provider that focuses primarily on the automotive industry. “It’s never going to get better. The demographic trough we’re going to hit in the next 10 years … — this is a structural labor challenge.”

Robinson spoke at the Automotive News Retail Forum, an all-day session prior to the NADA conference. He was on a panel with Sherry Schultz, EVP and CHRO of the Walser Auto Group, a group of 25 dealerships in Minnesota and Kansas. Like most, Robinson and Schultz said there are no easy fixes.

Schultz said her company is shifting to a four-day work week when possible, giving its general managers and employees as much flexibility as possible. She said it has been “really, really critical” in improving staffing.

Robinson said dealerships should take care of their employees: “We can’t control interest rates. We can’t control gas prices. … We can control how we treat people.”

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