LAS VEGAS — Hyundai has kicked off its sales on Amazon. The company announced at NADA that it had sold one — one! — car on Amazon. To an Amazon employee.

Hyundai North America CEO Jose Munoz told dealers Saturday that an Amazon employee in Seattle, where the ecommerce giant is based, was the first buyer in the test. A total of 18 Hyundai dealers in major markets are participating.

Munoz told Automotive News that NADA (the National Association of Auto Dealers) was working with Hyundai on the Amazon project “because they see this is happening in the industry.” “It’s not a one-dealer or two-dealers or one franchise, this is an evolution of the sales in the industry.”

The project was announced in November.

Munoz said that a group of dealers was working to identify potential problems. “The customer was extremely pleased with the way the process went,” he said.

“The whole point is to ensure that a much more seamless, straightforward, transparent, faster process is applied to the sale of a vehicle, and I’m much more positive, more confident now than I was a month ago.”

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