Allegro, the leader in B2C and e-commerce marketplaces and No. 2 in C2C classifieds in Poland, has just started testing a new payment method, Allegro Cash.

To use Allegro Cash, you need to open an online account in the Allegro mobile app and deposit any amount into it. When paying for orders using this method, you will receive a partial refund to your Allegro Cash account.

Moneyback is calculated according to the following rule: 1% of the order value for purchases of at least PLN100 ($27.4 U.S.) from one seller, and 2% for purchases of at least PLN200 (also from one seller). A one-time refund of up to PLN20 will be available, and monthly refunds of up to PLN50.

The parameters of the new service will now be tested among selected customers. According to a report on the Polish news site, Allegro expects the pilot phase to last several months.

Allegro has created its new payment method in collaboration with Aion Bank, responsible for managing bank accounts within Allegro Cash, and Vodeno, handling the technological side of the service.

In the first six months of 2023, revenue at Allegro rose by 31.0% year on year to PLN4.7 billion ($1.2 billion U.S.), while consolidated adjusted EBITDA increased by 17.3% to PLN1.1 billion.

The company is owned by private equity firms Cinven, Permira, and Mid Europe, which bought it from Naspers in 2016.

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