According to CoStar Group, its ad blitz for, which commenced earlier this week on social media, will be “the biggest marketing campaign in real estate history,” with a total spend of $1.0 billion.

The campaign aims to raise brand awareness and point up the site’s differentiated “your listing, your lead” appeal to agents, in addition to its robust neighborhood content for home shoppers.

“Our ‘We’ve done your homework’ campaign introduces the depth of our unique and proprietary neighborhood content and puts agents in the spotlight,” the campaign announcement states.

It will open with four spots, reaching an expected 113 million viewers during the Superbowl broadcast on CBS this Sunday (Feb. 11).

Besides the Superbowl, the brand will feature on awards broadcasts (the Grammys, Emmys and Oscars) and at sporting events (March Madness, the NBA Finals, the MLB All-Star Game, the Stanley Cup and the 2024 Paris Olympics).

The full campaign intends to drive 80 billion impressions and reach 90% of U.S. households, according to the company’s announcement. Ads will appear on TV networks, streaming services, podcasts and social media, it said.

With, CoStar aims to unseat U.S. no. 1 residential site Zillow, an audacious goal. Since acquiring the site in 2021 for $156 million, it has increased traffic more than ten times through SEM spending and maintains that it has already moved into the no. 2 spot, ahead of

But its traffic is less than half of Zillow’s, and, as recently as last July, its brand awareness among consumers was described as “embarrassing” by CoStar founder and CEO Andy Florance.

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