Freespee, a customer engagement SaaS company that aims to deliver better digital buying journeys has rebranded to Kaisa, according to a company announcement on LinkedIn.

We have a new look, new messaging, and a new name, but the same energized [and growing] team. We are proud and excited to welcome you to

The new brand is outlined on the company’s webpage by CMO Sara Klingberg. It presents Kaisa as Freespee reimagined, outlining how the business has developed and changed to match ‘consistently evolving verticals and rapidly advancing technologies such as generative AI.’

Kaisa said it will provide vendors, resellers and buyers an improved and personalized customer experience to promote brand loyalty, boost sales and future-proof business.

Kaisa aims to resolve issues that arise from digital transactions, including attention drop-offs. The company cites the example of 66% of customers buying a different car than they originally intended when they began their purchasing journey as an example of this.

It aims to solve the problem by giving sales teams “exactly what they need to deliver personalized customer experiences at scale,” and ensure they stay engaged in the process from the start to the end.


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