Autoteka, which belongs to Russia-based vertical Avito Auto, has been voted the No. 1 service for checking the histories of used cars in an Autostat poll of 3,000 motorists across Russia.

Autoteka achieved a 78.8% recognition rate, topping a ranking of services used by motorists, with state-run GIBDD (DMV analog) in second place with 59.3%. The Pro Auto service from (a Yandex vertical) came third, registering 39.5%. The Numberogram database of vertical car was fourth with 19.1%.

Autoteka was also ranked the most informative, with more than half (51.1%) of respondents voting for it. The GIBDD website was chosen by approximately every third car owner (34.9%), and Pro Auto by every eighth (12.7%).

The state-run GIBDD website turned out to be the most frequently used for checking car histories, with Autoteka slightly behind but the most popular among non-state services.

In terms of trustworthiness, Autoteka leads with 50% of votes versus 40% for state-run GIBDD.

Only a third (34%) of respondents said they used paid checking services. Slightly more than half (51%) have not used paid services, saying they only trust personal inspection.

Avito Auto was also voted the country’s favorite site for buying and selling cars, according to Autostat.

A survey found that 66.7% of all car sellers found buyers on Avito Auto, putting it well ahead of both (21.7%) and the Yandex-owned (9.7%).

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