, a Netherlands-based marketplace for secondhand furniture and home accessories, has launched an AI tool that assesses used furniture from photos, suggests a price and composes a listing for it.

AI assistant Robin uses image-recognition technology to identify pieces of furniture based on photos, recognizing the type, color, material and style, the company said in a LinkedIn post (in Dutch).

It uses current market values on its site to come up with an optimal price for the item and generates an SEO-optimized product description, which it says improves the quality of the listing and saves users time.

The information is processed in an interactive chat, with users just confirming the details.

“We understand that selling furniture can sometimes be a daunting task, while reusing furniture is very important. That’s why we’re launching the AI tool that not only makes the process easier but also much more fun. No more long registration forms, but placing an advertisement quickly and easily,” said

It added that the cumbersome process of selling secondhand furniture can lead some consumers to throw usable pieces away and that the AI assistant was intended to make the process easier and thus avoid waste.

“This development reflects our ongoing commitment to technological advancement and improving our user experience,” said the company.

Founded in 2019, Reliving is headquartered in Rotterdam and active in the Netherlands and Belgium. Its main rival is Utrecht-based

Last June, Reliving raised €700,000 ($756,000 U.S.) in investment, less than two weeks after raising a similar amount via crowdfunding, according to the company.

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