Taking a left-field approach to marking Valentine’s Day, Milanuncios — Adevinta Spain’s general marketplace — has highlighted the items that are listed on the site in the aftermath of couples breaking up. 

According to its press release, Milanuncios analyzed the more than 14.4 million listings on its app and website to identify which items from an ex-partner were sold and when these types of publications appear. 

For example, a listing for a pool table stated: “It belonged to my husband, but now I’m selling it because we got divorced.” A listing for a bike stated that “… [it] is on my ex-girlfriend’s balcony. I prefer to sell it than for it to continue accumulating dust in a place it shouldn’t.” 

Unsurprisingly, jewelry was found to be the product most likely to be disposed of in this way. 

Milanuncios found that this type of listing peaked in January, February and September — which it noted were the peak months for divorce registrations in Spain — with such listings most likely to be made by users in Andalusia, Madrid and Catalonia. 

“Without a doubt, we are faced with a social reality that is very curious: There are people who sell their ex’s products in perfect condition so as not to keep them,” commented Milanuncios spokesperson Ínigo Vallejo.

“For a few years now, we have seen how certain advertisements are published in the app and on the website for objects or pieces that were previously part of our users’ life as a couple and, now, they decide to resell them to make money, get rid of them or allow someone else to enjoy them.”

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