In Poland,, an autos vertical geared toward used cars, sold 4,700 cars in 2023, marking an increase of 1,000 from 2022 and 1,500 from 2021. Since Automarket’s launch by the largest Polish bank PKO BP in July 2020, over 12,000 cars have been sold.

According to Paweł Pach, CEO at PKO Leasing, quoted in a company news statement, the value of car sales on Automarket increased by 36% last year, reaching PLN400 million ($99.3 million U.S.).

In 2023, Automarket signed over 20 agreements with new suppliers, bringing their total number to nearly 100 on the platform, spread across 50 locations in Poland. In 2024, the company plans to deepen cooperation with current partners to further expand the range of cars available on the site.

At the turn of 2023 and 2024, Automarket launched its first physical sales point in Gdańsk. In the coming months, sales will commence at three additional locations in Warsaw and Poznań.

Also planned for 2024 is the finalization of strategic actions for the site, including changes to the IT architecture. These changes will ensure a new level of presentation quality on the site and significantly accelerate its development.

Automarket offers off-lease cars from a group of financing companies associated with PKO BP, as well as from car dealers. It also attracts users by offering online purchases and home delivery. There is also an option to arrange a test drive and car inspection before completing the transaction.

The leading auto marketplaces in Poland are, and, with horizontals, and also holding strong positions in the category.

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