Spain-based digital auto retailer Clicars is teasing the opening of three new showrooms, which would bring the total to five.

In a LinkedIn post (see above), the Madrid-headquartered company asked “Where are we going?” superimposed on a map of Spain that seemed to imply its destinations were Barcelona, Valencia and Alicante. It has also begun to advertise job openings in Valencia.

This represents a deepening of Clicar’s hybrid strategy, providing more evidence that most car buyers in Spain are not yet ready to embrace a fully digital experience. Towards the end of last year, Clicars opened showrooms in Madrid and Zaragoza. Earlier in the year, Germany-based digital auto retailer quit the Spanish market.

Clicars was fully acquired by Paris-based Aramis Group in May 2022. In its financial reporting for Q4 2023, Aramis stated that revenue at its Spain-based subsidiary declined by almost a fifth (19.7%) year to year to €74.5 million ($80.5 million U.S.).

It noted that “[Clicars] continues its transition. Since last summer, the company has been particularly focused on establishing a reasoned territorial presence in Spain, shifting its mix towards more accessible vehicles and improving the refurbishing processes at its Villaverde center. A return to a growth trajectory is expected for the second half of 2024.”

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