U.K.-based used car marketplace Motorway has launched Motorway Move, a new complete transportation service for purchases through its marketplace that aims to give dealers a better service when outsourcing the collection of vehicles.

Motorway Move covers the appraisal, collection and delivery of cars when dealers book deliveries on Motorway Pro. It is also designed to improve the after sales experience for dealers, making the process faster, easier and more consistent. It features two new proprietary technologies built in-house by Motorway.

The first, Motorway Collect, is a vehicle appraisal app, which creates accurate vehicle appraisals and will be rolled out to Motorway Move collections. The driver who is collecting the vehicle now has access to the same vehicle profile from the Motorway daily sale. This means they can compare the vehicle being collected to its original profile.

Motorway Collect also lets drivers highlight any additional damage, upload photos to the app and take a test drive. The purchasing dealer can then review the vehicle’s full appraisal in Motorway Pro and decide if they want to negotiate the price further.

When the car has been transported, proof of delivery is submitted by the driver via the Motorway Collect app, giving the purchasing dealer transparency about the condition of the vehicle.

The planning for Motorway Move is being driven by Motorway’s new transport management system, Motorway Dispatch. This aims to improve the speed and efficiency of vehicle deliveries by optimizing planning and workforce management, according to Motorway.

Its planning capabilities means drivers will be placed on jobs most local to them, supporting faster deliveries and meaning less jobs get rescheduled.

“When purchasing used-car stock with Motorway, our dealer partners need an efficient and effective vehicle transport provider,” said Motorway COO James Wilson.

“Transportation has been a pain point for many of our dealers and the wider industry, for a number of reasons, including the quality of appraisals, service levels and price.

“Motorway will now deliver more value than ever to our dealer partners, driving quality, consistent vehicle collections and deliveries.”

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