Russia-based automotive marketplace, which is owned by IT giant Yandex, has updated its used car Reports. These provide potential buyers with information about actual mileage, accident history, cost estimates for repairs, legal restrictions and liabilities, the number of previous owners and any commercial usage, among other things.

The conclusions of these reports are now on the first page, enabling the decision regarding whether or not to shortlist a particular car to be made without studying the entire report in detail, said.

Moreover, the reports now contain information about all participants in every road accident, regardless of whether it was officially registered by traffic police or filed without the involvement of police. said it did this because even minor accidents can influence a prospective buyer’s decision.

An additional change is that reports will now place warning icons in cases where a car goes on sale less than three months after it was purchased or if there are inconsistencies between the description in the ad and the data in the report.

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