With listings of electric vehicles (EVs) accelerating in Europe, the leading automotive marketplace in Germany, Adevinta-owned Mobile.de, has begun offering a battery-certification service to dealers so they can better market their EVs.

As part of a six-month pilot project developed with Hyundai Motor Germany called Hyundai Promise, partner dealers can have their batteries tested and certified by battery service provider Aviloo. Users can find these certified EVs using a new search filter on Mobile.de’s website and app.

“Mobile.de is by far the largest marketplace for electric cars in Germany. With the introduction of battery certificates, car dealers on our platform can benefit from even better visibility, more leads per advertisement and faster sales opportunities,” said CSO Florian Baur.

”The used car market is also increasing for electric vehicles, and the battery certificate will be important at Mobile.de,” said Anna Asendorf, product manager at Mobile.de’s electro-mobility team, during the company’s Mo:Re conference in Hannover. “We carried out a poll which resulted in 92% of users saying that they would prefer to buy an EV if it had a battery certificate, so we recently put up the filter.”

At the moment, EVs are being offered by more than half of Mobile.de’s dealerships (more than 84,000 vehicles in total). However, many consumers remain uncertain due to price, capacity and infrastructure concerns.

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