Comparison website FinanceScout24 and Switzerland-based autotech company Gowago have formed a partnership to help car buyers finance their purchases.

“Finding the car of your dreams has never been a problem,” said FinanceScout24 managing director Jochen Pernegger. “The challenge lies much more in financing. By expanding our financing portfolio, we are expanding our range of suitable financing solutions for the most diverse preferences of our users.”

Through this partnership, users who want to purchase a vehicle from AutoScout24 will have the option of doing so not only with a consumer loan from FinanceScout24, but also with a leasing offer from Gowago at what it calls “an advantageous interest rate.”

Gowago uses its own AI tools to create offers and calculate leasing rates and residual value, allowing for contracts to be individually personalized and digitally signed. 

“For the first time, customers can seamlessly compare car loans and leasing offers and therefore make informed decisions tailored to their needs,” said Gowago CEO Rutger Verhoef. 

AutoScout24-owned FinanceScout24 focuses on financing and insurance. Among its loan and leasing partners are Bank Now, Bob Finance, CashGate, Cembra and Gowago.

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