OLX-Brazil (which recently rebranded as Grupo OLX) has unveiled a monthly index to track demand for used vehicles in Brazil.

It combines search data from OLX-Brazil’s website with data on used car sales from members of the Brazilian Federation of Used Vehicle Dealers (Fenauto).

The score (0-100) given to each model reflects not only sales but also the level of consumer interest in it, with models grouped by category and age.

The first report based on the new index was published recently (see below).

“The Index works like the podium of a Formula 1 race, revealing the leaders of each automobile category and age group. In addition to individual performance in sales, searches, and interactions with users of the OLX platform, the index also considers the context of each comparison group. In this way, the survey will be a thermometer of market movement, contributing to the best business decisions in the sector,” said Flávio Passos, VP of autos and commercial at OLX-Brazil.

According to OLX-Brazil, used car sales in the country rose by 9% year on year in 2023, with 3.5 million vehicles sold in Q4 alone.

OLX-Brazil is a horizontal marketplace that is particularly strong in automotive and real estate. According to the company, it attracts an average of 22 million users to its Auto vertical every month, with an average of almost 400 million listing views.

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