First announced in May last year,, which is owned by auto dealers, launched in Norway earlier this week, posing a challenge a Schibsted’s dominant general marketplace

It also has the potential to help dealers compete directly with Schibsted-owned c-to-b auction site Nettbil.

Norwegian dealers have complained to the country’s Competition Authority about Finn, but rather than sit back and wait, they built their own marketplace with help from Wayke, a dealer-owned marketplace in Sweden.

When it went live, Drive had 9,782 cars for sale, compared to 54,998 on general marketplace Finn. 6,549 of the cars on Drive were three years old or less, showing that many dealers are initially focusing on listing newer vehicles on the site. Almost 3,200 of these were electric cars, compared to the 10,418 electric cars listed on Finn.

Backed by more than 250 dealers, the newcomer has received a lot of media attention. On the eve of its launch, it was covered on public radio show Dagsnytt, which characterized the launch as a revolt by car dealers against Schibsted. Finn had become too powerful, the dealers asserted. The coverage of some newspapers, such as and, took a similar approach.

On Dagsnytt, Jens Hauglum, chief product officer mobility at Schibsted Marketplaces, defended the company’s pricing policy.

Hauglum pointed out more that than 500,000 cars were advertised on Finn in 2023. About 40% were cars from a private seller, with the rest coming from professional sellers. Many of those will now also be on Drive. But there is also a big group of smaller dealers. He asserted that Finn had changed its pricing last year to become more transparent and equal, regardless of the seller, and that this had led to some large dealers ended up paying more.

In a subsequent LinkedIn post, Hauglum wrote that “I hope it gave a more nuanced picture than what has emerged from actors and the media” in the interview.

The dealers are not the only ones who are unhappy with Schibsted, as some real estate agents are also planning to establish a marketplace of their own. This led the host of Dagsnytt to wonder if Finn had seen its best days.

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