Saudi Arabia’s private sector has reached 11.1 million employees, following a 0.9% increase from the previous month. 

The Saudi National Labor Observatory (NLO) released new statistics showing that of the 11.1 million, 2.3 million are Saudi nationals whilst 8.8 million are residents of the kingdom. The report further highlighted that of the Saudi nationals, 961,690 were females, with the remaining 1.4 million being males, a significant increase in female employment. 

Having only released such statistics for the first time last November, the NLO also highlighted the disparity in male and female employment in the private sector for non-Saudi residents, with 8.4 out of the 8.8 million being men and only 348,892 being women. 

The numbers of both Saudi nationals and residents posted net growth, with February seeing the introduction of 26,694 new workers into the private sector. The expansion is in line with the country’s Kingdom Vision 2030, which has seen a large number of gig-projects commence and a strong push for non-oil related income, resulting in a surge of employment across several industries.

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