EBay’s chief legal officer for the last nine years, Marie Oh Huber, is leaving the company.

Marie Oh Huber

Huber “decided to leave EBay and pursue a new chapter in her career, while exploring personal interests and passions,” EBay president and CEO Jamie Iannone wrote in an open letter to employees.

Huber joined EBay in 2015, having previously served in similar roles for biotechnology company Agilent, and before that, Hewlett-Packard.

During her tenure at EBay, the company shed major operating divisions to refocus on its core auction-based marketplace. That included the sale of StubHub for $4.0 billion U.S. to Viagogo in 2019 and a $9.8 billion deal that saw Norway-based Adevinta take over the EBay Classifieds Group in 2020.

Huber also led the legal response in 2019 when EBay came under fire after seven of its security staff were caught carrying out a horrific harassment campaign against a pair of ecommerce bloggers who had been critical of the company.

All seven were convicted, and four were sent to prison. One still awaits sentencing.

In January, the U.S. District Attorney’s office in Boston announced a deal in which it would defer prosecuting EBay itself in exchange for it admitting to six felonies and agreeing to pay a $3.0 million penalty.

Iannone said the company was searching for Huber’s replacement and that she would be involved in the transition once an appointment was made.

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