Australia-based automotive pricing company AutoGrab is expanding into the U.K. via a collaboration with U.K.-based automotive market research provider JATO, according to a JATO company statement.

AutoGrab uses data to help customers make the right pricing and strategic decisions around their business as the auto market transitions towards digital insights. The company was set up by Daniel Werzberger and Chris Gardner in 2020 and has grown rapidly in Australia and launched in Malaysia earlier this year.

It provides software products for the automotive industry for vehicle sourcing, market analysis, customer engagement and valuation services. It works by capturing and aggregating data across the global market in real-time on all vehicles listed online. It uses an AI-driven machine learning model to do this and to support the tools it provides to customers.

Its customers include dealers looking for information about used cars, insurance providers, lenders, fleet operators and wholesalers. AutoGrab has two sub-brands, Car Analysis which builds a holistic picture of a vehicle so potential buyers can get the  full story before making any buying decisions and Value My Car, which allows users to get a free car valuation in just 30 seconds.

JATO, which stands for jet-assisted take off, is a global automotive data company that operates in more than 50 countries. It was set up in 1984 to cater for the growing need for knowledge about the global marketplace, competitor vehicles and their specification and pricing.

It offers automotive business intelligence solutions to help customers gain a competitive advantage by using the lates data and insights that can help its customers improve work processes and improve results.

The collaboration between the two companies means they can share each other’s data, JATO’s vehicle specification data and AutoGrab’s pricing and vehicle information insights, which also offers predictions of future values and how vehicle prices may change over time for a specific market.

JATO said it will gain a competitive advantage about Australia’s used car market from the collaboration as AutoGrab will do in the U.K. by utilising JATO’s international data which will support AutoGrab’s international expansion into the ASEAN region and key European markets in 2024.

“This collaboration expands our data capabilities, ensuring our users access more accurate and comprehensive vehicle information,” said AutoGrab co-founder and co-CEO Chris Gardner.

“Leveraging JATO’s extensive vehicle data, we are refining our valuation services for the market and deepening our insights for forecasting and analytics.

“This alliance significantly enhances our ability to provide customers with critical safety information, including details on ADAS systems, battery health, and emissions data.

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