WhoCanFixMyCar, the U.K.’s largest online marketplace for car repairs and maintenance, has appointed Kevern Thompson as CEO.

Thompson joins the marketplace with extensive software and automotive experience in vehicle manufacture, insurance and crash repair. He replaces interim CEO David Loy.

Since 2011, WhoCanFixMyCar has become the U.K.’s largest garage marketplace, representing more than 15,000 garages, mobile mechanics and dealerships. The marketplace helps these businesses quote on and book workshop jobs, while allowing drivers to compare prices for car repairs.

The appointment comes at a time of significant digital transformation for the automotive sector. WhoCanFixMyCar believes Thompson’s experience with global brands and startups will help the business provide technology to meet the changes in vehicle ownership and supply chain friction.

“The company is looking to the future, with an experienced team across automotive and technology and a strong foothold at the center of the automotive repair ecosystem,” said Thompson.

“I see ample opportunities for WhoCanFixMyCar to strengthen this position further, creating a community through technology and being agile in how it provides effective solutions during significant sector transformation.”

WhoCanFixMyCar was acquired by Niterra EMEA GmbH (formerly NGK) in June 2023.

“WhoCanFixMyCar is at a turning point and with new leadership and new energy comes many new opportunities,” said Loy, general manager of global aftermarket and digital business at Niterra EMEA, the outgoing interim CEO.

“We are looking to the future, not just in terms of business growth, but in how the automotive industry is evolving. Our focus is to cement WhoCanFixMyCar’s place in that future, and Kevern’s appointment as CEO marks an important step towards that goal.”

At the end of December 2021, WhoCanFixMyCar reported £1.4 million ($1.8 million U.S.) in the bank. From 2020 to 2021, the company had £3.4 million of total assets, and a liabilities bill of £1.6 million. Its debt ratio is 48.9%.

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