The leading Russia-based marketplace horizontal Avito has redomiciled its original parent company, the Swedish Avito AB, to the Kaliningrad exclave on the Baltic sea. Avito Finance International LLC is now listed in the Kaliningrad quasi off-shore zone as the legal successor to Avito AB.

Until 2019, Avito AB was the parent structure of KEH eKommerts LLC, the main operating company of the Russia-based marketplace classified Avito. Now the redomiciled company is listed as a subsidiary of KEH eKommerts.

This appears to be the first ever redomiciliation of companies from Swedish jurisdiction to the Russian Federation. Avito classified has been owned by the Russia-based Kismet Capital Group of Ivan Tavrin since October 2022 when it bought it off Prosus.

Avito to review effectiveness of TV ads

In the meantime, Avito has partnered with Mediahills analytics division of Mediascope monitoring company to evaluate the effectiveness of television advertising, has reported. The two companies will assess the impact of promotional videos on the behavior of Avito users, said Evgenia Odintsova, director of central marketing at Avito.

“The data will help us build an internal methodology showing the effect on the LTV of our users from viewing Avito advertising on TV: this will help us plan and purchase advertising much better,”

Avito occupies 22nd place in the AdIndex rating of the largest advertisers in Russia. In 2022, the platform spent RUB3 billion ($32.5 million U.S.) on advertising across key media (TV, Internet, outdoor advertising, radio, press), most of which (RUB2.4 billion) was on TV. Advertising budgets of companies were estimated based on data from Mediascope, Admetrix and Digital Budget meters.

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