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The crowded field of used-car marketplaces in the United States just got a little more crowded.

AutoWeb, one of the oldest online auto sites in the world, just relaunched, a subscription site that’s tied in with AutoWeb and, two other sites owned by OnePlanetGroup. Dealers who sign up for also receive exposure on those sites at no additional charge. offers a subscription model, providing dealers with a dashboard displaying “inventory exposure and other metrics in real time.” But the problem with that is many (most? Almost all?) auto dealers, especially all those of any size, already have their own dashboards — some developed internally, some developed by DMSs (dealership management systems), some from other major automotive marketplace companies like Cox Automotive Group or Cars Commerce ( and related companies), some by outside consultants and some in-house. also offers private-party ads for selling a car, but they’re not shown on the site’s home page, which doesn’t provide pricing or other information without detailed data about the car like the vehicle identification number, trim, mileage and other points.

AutoWeb, launched in 1994 by Payam Zamani (and others), was held by a succession of owners and publicly traded before OnePlanetGroup, Zamani’s company, bought it back in August 2022. It generated an estimated $60 million in revenue in 2023. was originally established in 1994 as a standalone business and acquired by AutoWeb in 2015. It has remained online but the relaunch was for improved branding, UX and capabilities. OnePlanetGroup spokesperson Miriam Cohen said the company would launch a marketing program focusing on exposure for dealer inventory.

“Large brand-building campaigns can be very expensive with returns that don’t fit our economic model, so we will pursue more targeted and highly focused marketing efforts,” she said. “We also plan to leverage the power of our new nationwide new-car lead marketing programs to support used cars given the known switching behavior of consumers between new and used cars.” has nominal traffic — averaging about 150,000 visits per month from December through February, according to Similarweb. By contrast, generated about 144 million per month during the same period, with at 100 million visits and at 78 million.

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