BARCELONA — According to Dr. Annika von Mutius, co-founder of Empion, “an AI-based recruiting solution that helps you find your dream job quickly and effectively,” while AI adoption in recruitment is rising rapidly, it significantly lags behind such sectors as finance.

She outlined four levels of AI in recruitment, analogous to the model for autonomous driving:

  • Zero: No automation
  • 1: AI-assisted recruiting
  • 2: Partly automated recruitment
  • 3: Fully automated recruiting
  • 4: Autonomous recruiting

“We are still at level one,” Von Mutius noted.

However, she added: “Even though we are only at the beginning, we can still show insane results [from AI].”

She said that Empion had started with a cultural analysis of a company and utilized skills-based job specs, “what skills and personality are required” and “on which channels is it possible to reach them.”

“With AI, there is an opportunity to put together different features — demographic, personality etc. — to reach the right people.”

Von Mutius was speaking at RecBuzz’s pre-conference AI Deep Dive Day.

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