BARCELONA — According to Robert Kowalski, co-founder and CEO of Palo Alto, California-based Gyfted, recruitment is the world’s most inefficient supply chain.

Gyfted matches individuals with “remote non-technical jobs that fit your personality.”

He characterized job search as “repetitive and long — it sucks.”

“We all hate recruiting,” he added.

Kowalski further noted that “The number of low-quality job applications by AI agents is exploding; captchas worsen the candidate experience; CVs are garbage — just noise; job descriptions are sales and PR noise, wish lists.”

He characterized the space between job boards, recruitment agencies, and assessment providers as the “recruitment Bermuda triangle.”

He said that what companies should be assessing in candidates was their potential, while managers/recruiters also needed to figure out what they truly cared about

Kowalski said that Gyfted was creating a frictionless process for job matching that made the process “as fun as Duolingo,” adding that AI-led matching “needs really high-quality data.”

He envisaged a process where candidates received a message that told them: “You’re invited for an interview with this company.”

“This is what candidates actually want and this is what Gyfted is actually working on.”

Kowalski was speaking at RecBuzz’s pre-conference AI Deep Dive Day.

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