BARCELONA — Hansjoerg Posch, CTO of Austria-based Standard Marketplaces, said job boards needed to define their “playing field, scope and budget” and decide whether they wanted to be a taker, shaper or maker.

He noted that his company was making AI “integral to every project/process.”

Posch added that takers used services like ChatGPT or an API, while shapers customized existing foundational models, and makers developed their own models tailored to their needs.

He said that smaller companies like Standard were more likely to be takers and shapers, rather than makers, due to resource constraints.

He went on to describe some of Standard’s AI applications, which were in various stages of development, ranging from prototype to deployment. These included:

  • Using GenAI to create job postings
  • First applicant interaction using a bot
  • Applicant screening (next-gen ATS)
  • AI-supported programmatic CPx models (similar to Google Ads)
  • Automatically check/enrich information like location, employment type using custom models and LLMs
  • Anomaly detection
  • Fraud control/bot detection

He concluded: “AI is becoming a commodity. Use it.”

Posch was speaking at RecBuzz’s pre-conference AI Deep Dive Day.

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