BARCELONA — According to Joonas Pihlajamaa, director of insight and analytics at Schibsted Nordic Marketplaces, “Skynet is knocking on recruiters’ doors,” referring to the malevolent AI from the “Terminator” film franchise.

He noted that LLMs were revolutionizing textual interaction, which is essentially the core of the job search.

Pihlajamaa said that, as things currently stand, the job market was more 1800s than we care to admit: “It’s not exactly TikTok.”

He predicted that the impact of AI on recruitment would happen in three waves:

  1. Tools, features and AI-driven services: generic work-life tools, such as MS Office with CoPilot
  2. AI-enabled features
  3. AI-first services

He outlined sample areas where AI could be applied to the recruitment process. These included: filtering candidates, summarizing applications, filtering potential jobs, writing applications, dynamic aptitude tests, candidate comparison, channel selection, marketing materials, tailored “no thanks” letters and detecting and fixing exclusion.

Pihlajamaa envisaged cases like natural language search, retrieval augmented generation (RAG) and automatic categorization, where users could input such searches as:

  • “Jobs in the capital areas that are suitable for senior director with career in digital marketing”
  • “I can do physical jobs which are part-time and don’t require prior education”
  • “Developer position in an organization that specifically advertises diversity goals”

Pihlajamaa was speaking at RecBuzz’s pre-conference AI Deep Dive Day.

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