BARCELONA — According to Tobias Zimmermann, head of insights and creation at Germany-based job board operator StepStone, HR will be augmented, rather than automated, by AI.

He noted that a survey conducted by StepStone found that recruiters waste 10-12 hours weekly on tasks that should have already been automated.

“And that’s where we help,” he added.

According to Zimmermann, up to 80% of job listings are still crafted manually.

He went on to give a rundown of StepStone’s automatic listing creation tool, an AI-based tool to automatically generate job listings on the basis of a job title and simple human-driven decisions.

He asserted that sentences produced by the AI sounded more human than re-used fragments and that generated skill and task predictions matched job titles 90% of the time.

Zimmermann noted that the automatic listing creation tool also included predictions for salaries, tasks, skills and benefits, in addition to content generation. It is free to use, with job posters paying to publish the AI-generated listings.

Ultimately, it was about “technology in the service of people,” he concluded.

Zimmermann was speaking at RecBuzz’s pre-conference AI Deep Dive Day.

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