Realiste, a UAE-based, AI-driven real estate investment company, has announced the launch of its mobile-based app.

The app comes with a range of tools to help investors make better informed, data-driven decisions. Features include a daily asset valuation which provides up-to-the-minute valuations, using AI algorithms.

The app will also provide market trend forecasts and pre-emptive selling decision guides. It offers prospective market identification, providing the details of the top 10% of emerging real estate markets worldwide, developer project rankings that list the top 10% of developer projects and optimal property selection. The feature uses AI algorithms to help users find the best properties based on their needs.

The app will be available on iOS and Android and will let users invest in real estate in 114 cities worldwide. Founded in 2018 by Alex Galt, Realiste uses AI technology to help investors make decisions using data-driven algorithms to report key facts such as ROI, growth predictions, infrastructure trends etc. To date it has completed over 400 projects in five markets.

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