BARCELONA — According to Román Campa, CEO of Adevinta Spain and executive VP of real estate and emerging verticals at Adevinta, Gen Z (those born between 1995 and 2009) want job boards to be like Netflix — to tell them where to apply.

Adevinta Spain operates InfoJobs, which was founded in 1998 and is the leading job board in Spain.

Campa described this generation as “more TikTok than TV,” “mobile first or mobile only,” and “early adopters of AI.”

He discussed how InfoJobs had harnessed AI for Gen Z talent matching and “reinvented itself to talk to younger generations.”

“We rejuvenated our user base with a huge uplift in new platform users aged 16-24.”

InfoJob’s How You Match algorithm tells candidates how well they match to a job opportunity by providing a score. According to Campa, it is free from bias, fully optional and transparent and supports employers with sorting applications.

In terms of generative AI tools, InfoJobs offers an experience description generator for candidates, as well as an offer description generator for employers. These tools are used by 20% of candidates and 40% of employers and have led to increased liquidity.

Campa also discussed InfoJob’s sponsorship of the Kings League, an amateur, seven-a-side football league that has more viewership on TikTok than the NFL, NBA, MBA or Bundesliga, due in large part to the coverage it has garnered from social media influencers.

Campa was speaking on the first day of the AIM Group’s RecBuzz conference.

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