BARCELONA — According to Aimwel CEO Lauri Koop, programmatic advertising remains “miles away from where it should be” and is “still in its infancy” in recruitment.

According to its website, Aimwel, which is a subsidiary of Belgium-based DPG Group, “enables organizations worldwide to efficiently acquire top talent by optimizing and monetizing their recruitment campaigns with our technology … [enabling] automated and hyper-targeted talent acquisition across all relevant media channels.”

Koop noted that there were “significantly more unknowns” in recruitment programmatic advertising than in e-commerce programmatic advertising. These include:

  • The absence of direct bid feedback
  • Inventory and placement are unknown
  • A lack of impression data

This leaves recruiters “half blind,” he asserted.

He foresaw programmatic advertising ultimately offering content diversified and tailored to channels, placements and formats, connected with marketing strategy and enhanced by machine learning.

Koop asserted that while a lot of immature job boards are struggling, a large number of niche job boards are performing well.

Koop was speaking on the first day of the AIM Group’s RecBuzz conference.

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