BARCELONA — The Stepstone Group has integrated TravelTime into its search ranking algorithm to enable users to search for job openings or candidates by commute time, rather than distance alone.

Before using TravelTime, “Irrelevant jobs were being presented to candidates, they were missing out on relevant jobs and recruiters were wasting time. Users were jumping between job platforms and Google Maps,” commented Stepstone Group product director Chris Burles.

“TravelTime brought transformative change to The Stepstone Group companies, driving better search relevancy and a UX that has driven 10% higher conversions,” said TravelTime.

According to TravelTime CEO Charlie Davies, “Every location search treats you like a bird, but no one travels in a straight line.” In response to this, TravelTime answers the question: ‘What can I do within 30 mins by public transport or driving?’”

He added that TravelTime “can replace distance with time in any system.” Crucially, it can accomplish this speedily, scanning 100,000 locations in 150 milliseconds.

For users of StepStone, this both adds and removes opportunities, delivering a more personalized job search experience that is of greater relevance to users.

Davies and Burles were speaking on the first day of the AIM Group’s RecBuzz conference.

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