BARCELONA — According to Juan Sureda, CEO of Job&Talent Europe, it has achieved a net promoter score (NPS) of more than 50 among its workers, which he said was significantly higher than the recruitment industry average of 20-30.

He said that giving workers as much information as possible about the job had played an important role in this.

NPS is used to gauge customer loyalty, satisfaction and enthusiasm with a company on a scale of 0-100, with higher scores indicating a more positive view of the company.

Spain-based Job&Talent is a workforce-as-a-service provider, specializing in blue-collar segments like logistics. According to the company, it places more than 300,000 workers annually.

Sureda added that the company was also experimenting with quality scores for workers.

He noted that job boards were Job&Talent’s primary acquisition channel and that they mainly found new candidates via social networks like Meta’s Facebook and Instagram.

Job&Talent has acquired several staffing agencies in markets ranging from the U.S. to Norway in recent years, and Sureda admitted that the company had “underestimated the challenges of system integration” arising from M&A.

Revenue at Job&Talent rose by more than 90% y-o-y to €1.9 billion ($2.3 billion U.S.) in 2022. The company has not yet released a global revenue figure for last year. It operates in 11 countries across Europe and the Americas and has raised more than $850 million in funding to date from the likes of Atomico, Kinnevik and Softbank.

The company recently added geo-location functionality to its app for workers, “sending them a notification to clock in once they arrive at their work location.”

Sureda was speaking on the first day of the AIM Group’s RecBuzz conference.

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