BARCELONA — Bots might not be better than humans, but they can certainly transform a lot of the hiring process. That was the message delivered by Jan Schoenmakers, MD of Hase and Igel, an AI software company specializing in predictive decision-making in marketing and sales.

Schoenmakers pinpointed three areas where humans will be essential regardless of AI’s growing capability — responsibility, purpose and empathy.

“AI can work very well, but loyalty will decline as people will want to talk to people at some point. You will always need humans in the pipeline,” he told the audience at RecBuzz.

Nonetheless, mixing the various types of AI across various roles in the company will be essential to an efficient process. Schoenmakers sees three primary processes for AI — to create, to plan and to implement.

Prediction analytics is one core component of this. “We can predict supply and demand. We can get a realistic prediction of how many people will be looking for engineering jobs this spring in Barcelona, for example,” he said.

Additional power uses include using third-party data to see how various job sites are attracting traffic and marketing, to see what works for them, and whether this can be implemented for other sites.

Likewise, you can use AI to help choose the right omnichannel approach for each client: “Statistics on steroids,” as he put it — when and where to best advertise a job for most predictive impact.

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