U.K.-based proptech startup Giraffe 360 has unveiled a new range of features to help real estate agents visualize the properties they are selling, according to a news release.

The company specializes in providing real estate visualization services, such as virtual tours, using 360-degree cameras to capture all aspects of a room to create floor plans and AI-enhanced HDR photography.

Its latest release features an expanded set of editing tools to improve its video walkthrough solution, catering to demand for more mobile-friendly content by offering portrait or landscape orientations to maximize reach and engagement on social media.

Giraffe video editor

The company has also added the ability to customize music, text, speed and angle selection.

According to Giraffe360, these features help agents create impactful videos for social media channels, with no video editing experience required.

The update also includes a virtual tour measurement tool that allows users to calculate specific property dimensions. It uses light detection and ranging (LiDAR) data to provide spatial knowledge to visualize and plan effectively, helping to improve decisions regarding space utilization, renovations and interior planning.

The update also adds a placement feature to the custom floor plan editor, providing more customization and control and allowing for a clearer representation of property layouts. Users are now able to add, delete and adjust common and custom objects within floor plans, improving the visual appeal and understanding of how a property’s space is arranged.

The update also adds a leads page to the Giraffe360 dashboard, providing agents with tools to track and respond to potential buyers.

It has also added French and German language support.

“Through these innovative features, we are excited to further empower real estate professionals globally, enabling them to list and market properties with unparalleled accuracy and effectiveness,” said Giraffe360 CEO Mikus Opelts.

“We are dedicated to continuous innovation and are eager to see how our partners leverage these new capabilities to transform their listings.”

In June last year, Giraffe 360 launched an AI-driven feature that provides real estate professionals with access to automated, sales-driven property descriptions that can be used in property listings and other marketing channels.



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