In a blog post, consultancy Deloitte has taken a deep dive into how it helped Oslo-based marketplace operator Adevinta accomplish an “end-to-end cloud first modernization” in the wake of its acquisition of EBay Classifieds Group, a move that doubled the size of the business overnight.

After the deal closed in 2021, Adevinta “was faced with a complex environment across the cloud and infrastructure that its marketplaces operated on — and a range of different operating models in how we developed and brought its products to market: it had half of the business that was already fully in the cloud and very advanced in its application of cloud principles, and the other half still running on-premise, resulting in a complex, inconsistent and overall inefficient landscape.”

“Adevinta quickly realized that it needed to develop a cloud and infrastructure strategy to exploit its new scale, accelerate how it brings products to market and leverage the wave of innovation that cloud offered.”

“Adevinta decided to move the whole portfolio of brands to a single cloud provider and to unify and standardize the developer experience.”

“The public cloud for Adevinta is a strategic move. It’s not about technical migrations, it’s not about moving servers to cloud. It is a full end-to-end transformation to the way it builds products, the way its brings them to market.”

“… this has included detailed discovery and migration of over 3,000 custom-built software services, the design and implementation of a new operating model — and critically — the execution of a change management plan to take its teams across Europe through this huge change.”

Spun off from Norway-based Schibsted in 2019, Adevinta owns and operates marketplaces, primarily across its six core Western European markets — Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands. It also has joint ventures in several other countries, including Ireland (DistilledSCH) and Brazil (OLX-Brazil).

It is currently in the process of being acquired by Aurelia Bidco Norway AS, a consortium led by investment companies Blackstone and Permira.

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