Spain-based general marketplace Wallapop held a marketing event in Madrid in conjunction with dating app Tinder on April 20 and 21 “to help people say goodbye to the memories of their past on Wallapop and say hello to a new stage on Tinder,” according to a Wallapop press release.

The exhibition, which took place in the city’s Plaza Pedro Zerolo, featured “some of the most emblematic gifts from exes, as well as a participatory space where anyone can be the protagonist,” the company said.

“Throughout different environments, you can find memories of exes on display that will inspire people to get rid of theirs by selling them on Wallapop.”

Moreover, participants received a “certificate of improvement … confirming that they are ready to leave behind memories of the past on Wallapop and open a new stage full of opportunities on Tinder.”

“With their first event, the two platforms encourage prioritizing mental health after the breakup, while also giving a nod to being aware and sustainable with the planet,” it added.

Wallapop noted products for sale on its marketplace with the tag “ex-novix ” (“novio/a” means “boyfriend/girlfriend” in Spanish) label grew 75% year on year.

“Although it is not talked about, people are clear that getting rid of their exes’ gifts is the key to turning the page. To normalize it and give voice to this healing and comforting process, Wallapop and Tinder have created ‘Thank you, ex’, an interactive event to inspire you to make the right decision and free yourself from those things that are already part of the past.”

The name “Thank you, ex” was clearly inspired by the Ariana Grande song “Thank u, next,” which is about the singer’s own relationship history.

“The most gifts from exes are put on sale are July, August and September, coinciding with the months in which the most breakups are recorded in Spain and at the same time, moments of increased activity on Tinder,” Wallapop said.

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