EBay has again upset a seller by using AI to decide whether a refund should be issued.

Ecommercebytes.com reports a case where an EBay seller contacted them to tell them that EBay refunded a buyer from the seller’s bank account after the buyer of a diamond ring wanted their money returned because the seller’s jeweler was unable to make modifications to the ring she had purchased.

This type of circumstance is considered as “buyer’s remorse,” which is not refundable. The buyer checked the “not as described” option which automatically triggers a refund, which was authorised with funds taken from the EBay seller’s account to refund the buyer.

When the seller contacted EBay to query the refund, the seller was told by EBay staff that “they aren’t the ones doing the refund,” and there was nothing they could do about it because AI had made the decision about the claim.

Ecommercebytes.com highlighted the incident to find out if it signals that EBay has a policy of not allowing sellers to question decisions made by automated bots or whether the EBay representative was just using AI as an excuse to get the seller off the phone when they queried the decision.

AIM Group has contacted EBay to find out what their policy is or if they have one when sellers or buyers request a human review of a decision made by AI and will update this article if we receive a response.

Earlier this month, in a separate incident, EBay used a bot designed to detect fraud and policy violations to remove an authenticated listed item from its marketplace. AIM Group is still waiting for a response from EBay to find out if EBay operatives are able to override decisions made by AI.

EBay has outlined to U.S. investors during a Wall Street conference in March and at its 4th quarter earnings call in February how it is using generative AI to save money by cutting the number of customer support agents needed to resolve issues between buyers and sellers.

These two incidents show how the use of AI can cause problems for its marketplace users.

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