Japan-based marketplace Mercari has rolled out multilingual support and a forex conversion display to improve the cross-border buying experience.

Mercari is already facilitating purchases by overseas users through its designated purchasing agents, such as Buyee, in more than 100 countries. Since the service launch in November 2019, it’s collaborated with more than 60 international e-commerce businesses.

It currently offers support in three languages — English, Chinese (Traditional) and Korean — for overseas customers, while, price display is available in 26 international currencies.

These features were introduced as a result of feedback from overseas users, according to Mercari. Yahoo Auctions, the c-to-c pioneer in Japan, already shares listings with its sister marketplace in Taiwan — Tw.Bid.Yahoo.com.

Mercari launched in 2013 in Japan and the following year in the U.S. Last month, it shifted fees in the latter market from sellers to buyers.

Mercari posted $321 million U.S. in revenue in Q4 2023, up 9% year on year. More than half of this came from it Japanese marketplace segment, with fintech and its U.S. operations accounting for the remainder

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