Switzerland-based Skribble, a specialist in electronic signatures, will serve SMG Real Estate customers, letting them sign purchase or rental agreements electronically.

The aim of the partnership is to support the real estate business in the digitalization of the Swiss real estate industry, according to a press release by SMG. The company notes that these signatures hold legal validity and are acknowledged globally. This transition to digitalization speeds up the contract procedure and eliminates the cumbersome task of finalizing analog contracts involving numerous paper copies, it adds.

“We are very excited about the collaboration with SMG Real Estate and the opportunity to bring our e-signature solutions to an even wider audience,” said Roni Oeschger, CEO of Skribble. “By integrating Skribble into SMG’s real estate ecosystem, we can help make the real estate industry more efficient and future-proof.”

Daniel Bruckhoff, head of partnerships and innovation at SMG Real Estate, emphasized that the collaboration with Skribble marked a pivotal advancement in digitizing the real estate sector.

Founded in 2018, Skribble has assisted more than 3,000 companies throughout Europe in modernizing their signature procedures, according to the press release.

SMG Swiss Marketplace Group is a JV founded in 2021 by TX Group, Ringier, Mobiliar and General Atlantic. Its real estate portfolio includes ImmoScout24, Homegate, Flatfox, Immostreet.ch, Alle-Immobilien.ch, Home.ch, Publimmo, Acheter-Louer.ch, Casasoft and IAZI.

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