AMSTERDAM — According to Martin Geißler, senior commercial strategist at Germany-based AI consultancy Hase&Igel, automotive marketplaces need to combine the “three faces of AI” — analytic AI (finding patterns and forecasting), generative AI (GenAI) and “the lean manager” (performing tasks previously done by people) into “a single ecosystem.” 

Geißler asserted: “If data is the new oil, AI is the new combustion engine” 

He had a particularly unusual take on GenAI, which he described as “all hallucinations — sometimes they fit reality; sometimes they don’t.” 

Geißler set out a five-stage AI roadmap for marketplaces: 

  • Collection  
  • Understanding data and customers  
  • Improving ads and vehicle descriptions  
  • Automating advertising and inventory sales  
  • Engaging customers over the entire life cycle 

He said this would enable marketplaces to 

  • Create individual views for each customer type  
  • Match car inventory with needs  
  • Create matching pictures and text for every customer type and car  
  • Connect GenAI to regional marketing execution 
  • Maximize the ROI of marketing spend by optimizing it by channel, region and timing. 

Geißler maintained that the key advantages of such a strategy were speed and efficiency (reduced time to market and response time), precision (improved forecasting accuracy) and optimization (continuous improvement through machine learning).

Geißler was speaking on the first day of the AIM Group’s AutosBuzz conference.

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