Global recruitment marketplace Indeed has launched three AI-powered tools for hiring teams at its FutureWorks event in London on May 9, including the Indeed Connect for Employers app.

Citing its own research that more than half of British jobseekers don’t hear back from jobs they apply for, Indeed said the app allows recruiters to engage, respond and connect with candidates anytime, anywhere.

It added that employers that used the Indeed Connect app reported 41% more hires and heard back from job seekers 61% faster.

Indeed has also launched Smart Sourcing, an AI-powered tool enabling recruiters to access Indeed’s database of almost 300 million candidates based on their resumes and the priorities they have shared on Indeed. Indeed’s matching engine recommends candidates based on their skills, experience and qualifications. Employers can review these matches and connect directly with them to hire faster.

The third release is an updated version of Indeed Profile, which the company said makes it easier for candidates to showcase their work experience, skills and preferences.

It allows candidates to share more than 40,000 different skills on their profile, allowing them to create more personalized Indeed profiles, enabling them to receive personalized job recommendations and be contacted by employers for relevant jobs, the company added.

Indeed said an average of 3.2 million new skills were added by candidates to their Indeed profiles daily.

‘Broken’ U.K. hiring process

Indeed surveyed 1,000 candidates and 1,000 hiring professionals and found that the hiring process was inefficient for both, delaying the right candidates being matched with the right role and impacting candidates’ confidence in the job search process.

Over half, 52%, said not hearing back from an employer had made them wonder whether they should be looking for a new job at all. A similar percentage, 51%, said they had given up looking for a job because the process was too difficult, demoralizing or time-consuming.

The view of hiring professionals was also found to be negative, with 61% saying they had wasted time with inefficient or lengthy hiring processes and problems with matching roles to suitable candidates.

“The hiring process is broken for both job seekers and businesses, particularly matching candidates to the right jobs,” said Indeed U.K. head of talent intelligence Danny Stacey, speaking at FutureWorks London.

“Our latest tech innovations not only can instigate quality matches between employers and job seekers but also change real bugbears with the hiring process. Small things, like making responding to applicants a ten-second job, can have a gargantuan effect on what can be a demoralising process for many job seekers.”

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