AMSTERDAM — While acknowledging that the transition to electric vehicles (EVs) was inevitable, Ajay Bhatia, CEO of, said that it was proving to be “really difficult.”

He noted that EV listings on — a subsidiary of Norway-based Adevinta — had almost trebled from 27,000 in Q1 2022 to 78,000 in Q1 2024.

“Technology is changing, consumers are anxious, but technology will solve many of these concerns over time,” he added.

The consensus was that it would start to settle around 2028, he noted, cautioning that the introduction of tariffs on imports of Chinese EVs could push this back to 2030.

He said that supported EV buyers by providing digital access to all relevant ownership models, a flexible customer journey with as many online elements as desired and transparency in areas of uncertainty to build trust, such as battery certification, as well as information on winter-versus-summer range and charging rates.

Bhatia noted that EV buyers expected a more modern customer journey and were more open to new retail formats, such as exclusively digital purchase options, online vehicle configuration and virtual showrooms.

He was speaking on the first day of the AIM Group’s AutosBuzz conference.

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