AMSTERDAM –– Founded just over three years ago (in March 2020), Portugal-based used car marketplace Pisca Pisca — a subsidiary of Banco Credibom, which is itself owned by France-based Crédit Agricole — is looking to expand to other European countries, according to Paulo Figueiredo, its general manager.

He said that this international expansion would probably begin this year but declined to name specific countries.

Credibom is a market leader in used car financing, and Pisca Pisca was founded in part to foster trust among buyers in a market characterized by a lot of small used car dealers and not much digitization.

We asked: “What is the space not yet taken by the market leader … How can we disrupt with new business approaches?” Figueiredo said.

He added that the aim was to “[make it] accessible even if you don’t understand a thing about cars.”

A color scheme of fuchsia and electric blue played a role in this he asserted, helping make it more attractive to female users: 48% of visitors to the site in its first 12 months were women.

“With Pisca Pisca you are safe” was the marketplace’s tagline. It fostered trust by obliging dealers listing on the site to provide the registration number and VIN of every vehicle they listed, Figueiredo noted.

Pisca Pisca adopted a freemium approach with a pay-per-lead model — which Figueiredo said was “a first for Portugal.” He added that it was now working with 85% of dealers.

He asserted that the marketplace had reached 800,000 monthly visits by Q1 this year, adding that it had helped to reinforce Credibom’s leadership position in car financing in Portugal.

Figueiredo was speaking on the second day of the AIM Group’s AutosBuzz conference.

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