AMSTERDAM — Google Vehicle Listing Ads has been in closed beta in the U.K. for seven months and recently launched in France and Germany. According to Mohammad Lone, automotive and omnichannel strategist at Google, “Other European markets are in the pipeline,” naming Italy, Spain and the Netherlands as its next targets.

He cited the case of Evans Halshaw, a dealership in the U.K., that he said had increased its conversion rate by 152% and reduced its cost per conversion by 36% as a result of its participation in the beta. 

Lone added that Google Vehicle Listing Ads in the U.K. would soon include information on monthly payment options in its carousel. 

He denied that Google posed a competitive threat to marketplaces, commenting: “Google benefits when our advertisers benefit; it’s a two-way relationship.” 

Lone was speaking on the second day of the AIM Group’s AutosBuzz conference. 

To see Google’s Vehicle Ads Onboarding Guide, click here 

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