AMSTERDAM — According to Philip Ly, CEO & co-founder of U.S.-based Lesa Video Solutions and Imagine Autos, consumers in the U.S. spend more than five hours a day watching video on average and are increasingly look for video when they shop online. 

He said that vehicle videos were the second-most viewed category on YouTube, after video games. 

“Consumers expect video. It’s affordable and not difficult to implement,” he said 

“The purchase journey starts with video,” he asserted, adding that 360-degree video enhances transparency and trust, facilitating buying a car without a test drive for many. 

“Video-centric merchandising creates a better car shopping experience and engages more buyers,” he maintained. 

Ly said that GenAI tolls like Sora made creating videos easier than ever and that AI could be used to extract photos from video. 

He added that video also delivered important SEO benefits and drove traffic to dealer websites. 

Ly maintained that video drove 2.5X lead conversion, 3X higher session time and 2.5X more page views per session vis-à-vis static photos 

However, he noted that one challenge to this approach was that most dealers thought photos were sufficient.

According to Imagine Autos, it is “transforming the car buying experience with the use of enhanced video-centric technology and voiceovers to give consumers a seamless, transparent and smooth online shopping experience.”

Ly was speaking on the second day of the AIM Group’s AutosBuzz conference. 

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